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Ron has spent a lifetime in prison and the outside world is no longer beckoning. He, like thousands of others, will see out his days inside. He’s come to terms with that, but being part of the UK’s ageing prison population is bringing its own challenges, particularly to those whose job it is to make the ‘system’ function.

Kathy becomes part of Ron’s life as a newly appointed Quaker Prison Chaplain. Ron is something of a spiritual tourist, having visited a range of faith based destinations before arriving at Kathy’s Quaker Group. She in turn is both idealistic and overwhelmed by what she experiences.

The play explores the complexities of the UK prison system and how this impacts upon both inmates and those who work within it. In particular it exposes the pressures and stresses caused by the increasing number of elderly men who will see out their days in prison cells.

Age range: 17+

Back Door Parole has been commissioned by Positive Justice Gloucestershire

All profits/donations from performances will go to support the work of Recoop.



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