My Life As A Quaker

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I became aware of Quakers about 20 years ago, through friends. They mentioned that they went to a Quaker meeting sometimes in Swindon. It took about 10 years for me to act on it, and eventually I looked around the Quakers in Britain website, saw things on there that ‘spoke to my condition’ and turned up for a Sunday morning meeting at Sutton Quakers. Since my teens, I’ve practiced yoga and meditation and so was already used to quiet forms of spiritual reflection. The one hour, mostly silent, Quaker meeting immediately felt comfortable. No-one telling me what I believed, some people speaking their spiritual truth, with no pressure to respond or even to agree. A well of spiritual experience to draw from and contribute to. A range of people, who, in different ways, have all become my friends. It grounds and supports me in very real ways and I continue to muse about spirituality and ‘that of God in everyone’. I haven’t come to any firm conclusions.

I’ve been on various committees as my contribution to the life of the meeting. I contribute something financially each year and there is never pressure to give more. I love the lack of hierarchy, the firm intention of making spirituality something very practical, in the world, rooted in community, and the long, egalitarian, social justice history of Quakers.


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