My Life As A Quaker

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I was sent to Sunday School as a child and became a choirboy. It was at University that I came across Quakers. A Friend there questioned me about my beliefs and I realized that I did not in fact believe some of the things that Anglicans state in their creeds. Fortunately there was a very active Young Friends Group there as well as a number of experienced older Quakers.
I got married in a Quaker Meeting House though my wife is not a Quaker. Although the Clerk had explained what would be happening, the occasion was met with some consternation by both our families as no-one from either had ever set foot in a Quaker Meeting House.
Quakers do not have a creed in which our Members are expected to believe. However, what we do have is a set of Testimonies and I played a small part in producing a booklet on these. The main ones are Truth and Integrity, Simplicity, Peace and Equality and Sustainability. These are values which Quakers Share and I do try to put them into practice in my own life.
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was profoundly Christian in its origin but nowadays many Friends do not claim to be Christians. Most of us do think that there is something of God in each person and that deep down we can reach it- and be inspired by it. Personally, while I acknowledge that this belief is widely shared, I find it difficult to recognize in my own life. Nevertheless, I continue worshipping with Quakers and have done so for many years.

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