My Life As A Quaker

by Apr 17, 2024My Life As A Quaker, Sutton Quaker Meeting0 comments

I’m a lifelong Quaker and I spent most of my working life in paid roles in Quaker organisations – pretty unusual in a faith group with no ordained priests/ministers. My work involved helping Quakers across Britain to live out their faith in their lives, expressing our commitment to peace, sustainability, equality, truth and community.

In ‘retirement’ I’m involved in a project hoping to simplify Quaker structures in London, to reduce the admin and free up our energy to do more important things. Sometimes I also manage to do things that are nothing to do with Quakers! I enjoy plays, poems, novels, walking and time with family…

Sutton Meeting has been my main spiritual community for 40 years. I’m currently enjoying seeing new people coming on a Sunday morning to find out whether our simple form of worship, based in stillness and waiting, is right for them.


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